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Authorize Agent for:

  • semilablogo1   SEMILAB ZRT www.semilab.hu
    • Spectroscopic Ellipsometer System for characterization thin films deposition layers on silicon wafer and coating layers for biosensors.


  • electt   ELETTRORAVA S.P.Awww.elettrorava.com
    • Thin Films Deposition system PECVD, Sputtering, Electron Beam, Ion Beam, Hot Wire CVD, Thermal Evaporator and Multi-Chambers Systems.


  • Nanonics-Logo-New 2   NANONIC IMAGING LTD.www.nanonics.co.il
    • Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM), Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM).
    • Nanophotonics & Plasmonics, High Vacuum & Cryogenics SPM or AFM.
    • AFM are Intergratable to Raman Microscope or Scanning Electron Microscope.


  • nabertherm-logo   NABERTHERM GMBH.www.nabertherm.com
    • Furnace System for heat treatment processes.
    • Design Concept Types: Air Circulation, Gas Tight Retort, Ceramic Sintering or Debinding and Tube Furnaces.


  •  schlogo   SCHMETZ GMBH. www.schmetz.de
    • High Temperature Vacuum Furnace System for heat treatment processes.
    • Design Concept Types: Horizontal or Vertical and Two Chambers.


  • mik   MIKROUNA LTD, Republic of Chinawww.mikrouna.cn
    • Ultra Purify Gas Glove Box Systems, Vacuum Deposition (PVD) With Glove Box.


  • exteclogo1   EXTEC USAwww.extec.com
    • Metallographic Cutting, Mounting, Grinding/Polishing instruments and Consumables.